At Nutri laVie we know that the journey to optimal health is just that – a journey!  The journey includes many, oftentimes confusing, pathways.  In order to understand them, the options open to you and how to optimise the benefits appropriate to you can best be done with the help of a Health Coach!

At Nutri laVie we live this reality!

The other reality we live is that each of us is completely unique. There is much scientific proof of this uniqueness, just one such proof is that our DNA enables scientists to definitively differentiate each of us one from the other.  At Nutri laVie this is our underlying truth to everything we do. We do not deal in generalisations and superficialities. We deal with unique individuals with unique needs.

Our lifestyle journey includes Relationships, Spiritual Practices, Career, Environmental influences (from inside and out), Finances and much more. Indeed, anything that can impact your health in some way or another.  Our unique, individual marinade of life is as different for one as for the other as our DNA.

Creating a uniquely appropriate lifestyle we know takes focus, commitment and application. But it is an adventure with multiple benefits. Remember, this is your lifestyle and there is no ‘one size fits all’ regime that will work for you in the long term.  Society, advertising and peer pressure will all do their best to have you believe that you are no different than most others and therefore you can and should live just like the majority. This is as untrue as it is dangerous.

The start of the journey is the recognition of our uniqueness and our desire and commitment to live truly authentic lives that accurately reflect who we are.

This is the Nutri laVie Way.

The journey of individuality of lifestyle starts with the desire to be truly you.  This means exploring your physiological, anatomical, visceral and psychological persona.  It is our job as health coaches to help you with this process.

The vision of health has always been depicted by the media as a model type person – really slender and beautiful, gracefully walking the ramp.  We all know this is not real Life, however what is clear in this picture – is the energy, glowing skin and visibly positive attitude! The artificial vision can be achieved in a real way!!

The journey starts with recognising what is not true to you and your body and commences with repairing the gut by rebuilding a diverse gut portfolio. We fully recognise that this may sound strange, but your brain and your gut are inextricably linked via the Vagus nerve and what goes on in your gut resonates with what goes on in your brain. We know that for optimal and authentic health we need to work on both for you to be the truly healthy and vibrant you!

This does not mean “Thin is healthy and healthy is thin.”  The journey to optimal health cannot start and be built on a platform of despising your body. We know this. It is very well researched. At Nutri laVie we do not work like this. We work with you! We believe that this journey must be an empowering and invigorating adventure into health and vigour. It must be a journey that does not diminish and/or deplete you. It must be a journey that develops and strengthens you in every way.

Our Nutri laVie way is based on science and takes into account all aspects of our well-being.

We do not believe in; and do not prescribe diets. We work with you on your unique lifestyle and the choices you make to enhance it.

Learn about ‘crowding out’ the artificial and inappropriate way of life – (including the way we take supplements, medication and even our food).  We learn how to reach for nourishing whole fresh foods; how to reach for more plant-based foods!  Remember these will help you balance your energy needs and calm you down in the day-to-day frenzy!

A chain is always as strong as its weakest link and this applies to our own bodies – a critical importance of this link in our microbiome (the internal operating system of our bodies) has been overlooked for many years. This internal environment in the digestive tract is fundamental to the health of our body and mind.  Hippocrates stated millennia ago that ALL disease begins in the gut.  Not 10% of disease, but ALL disease.

We know from the science that old habits are difficult to change and that we need to make peace with the journey of change; to see it as an exciting renewing adventure – there is no quick fix! The benefits we reap are lifelong!

Nutri laVie believes in a life of ZEST = Approaching life with excitement and energy; not doing things halfway or half-heartedly; living life as an adventure; feeling alive and activated. Is this the life you want?!

Nutri laVie portfolio of offerings

  • Nutritional education and Behavioural Transformation through a 1 month, 3 or 6 month health coach programme
  • Unique personal diagnostic insights using biofeedback, blood type and lifestyle indicators
  • NutriShots, Ozone, digestive support, NutriGuides, Sugar Shakedown and Gut Reset Programmes