The Queen of the Castle is the Gut and if the Queen is upset she will take down the Kingdown

Jennifer Esposito (Actress) sites this fabulous quote.  Jennifer suffered for many years with misdiagnosed conditions and was even admitted to a psychiatric hospital!  Turned out she has an autoimmune disorder called Coeliac Disease*

Have you ever felt like ‘taking down the Kingdom’ – feeling out of control, having a panic attack?  You most likely head off to your doctor who prescribes anti-depressants and anti-anxiety medication!  He/she may even refer you to a Psychiatrist!

  • Do you know that the bulk of your serotonin (it’s a nerve messenger) is made in the lining of your gut?  If there is damage to the villi (hair-like follicles) in the lining of our small intestine, in our gut, then chances are – we are malnourished.  The communication channels in our body will be affected by this damage which will impact our mood, our digestion, our energy levels and slowly bring down our ‘Kingdom’!  This can contribute to another panic attack and so the cycle continues.
  • Yes, the crisis in our world will affect our emotions, our sense of stability, our working life, providing for our families when we are not sure of the future!  The list seems endless at the moment.   Deepak Chopra talks about emotional resilience and the ability to ‘bounce back’ quickly from trauma in our life.  But what if we don’t have sufficient nourishment for our mind, body and soul!!  How then can we bounce back!!
  • You may suffer some health discomfort from time to time and brush it off as normal!!  Ongoing inflammation is not normal.  Acid reflux is not normal, allergies, insomnia, bloating, food cravings and brain fog are not normal!

The message here is listen to your ‘Queen’ in order to protect your ‘Kingdom”!

  • Honour your innate immune system which is your own free laboratory – its powerful when protected!  Don’t ignore any symptoms just because you think you may not be able to make any diet and lifestyle changes.
  • We tend to LIVE AS WE FEEL so some simple changes to your gut will make you FEEL different – in as little as a few days!

*Google says: Over time, the immune reaction to eating gluten creates inflammation that damages the small intestine’s lining, leading to medical complications. It also prevents absorption of some nutrients (malabsorption). The classic symptom is diarrhoea. Other symptoms include bloating, wind, fatigue, low blood count (anaemia) and osteoporosis.

Let me add: In fact, many people have seemingly unrelated or ‘NO’ symptoms!!  Latest science says there are many more conditions related to this autoimmune disease and that most autoimmune diseases begin in the gut!