The journey to optimal health is just that – a journey!  The journey includes oftentimes many confusing, pathways.   To understand them, the options open to you and to optimise the benefits appropriate to you, we advocate using the tools available from a Health Coach! (Integrative Nutrition Health Coach)

To understand the digestive system is to ensure that we honour this organ – the gateway to the rest of the body!

  • As the ‘home base’ of the immune system, it neutralises 40% of toxins and influences things like inflammation and blood sugar regulation (think auto-immune, dementia and diabetes).
  • The digestive tract is where trillions of bacteria thrive breaking down food and creating essential nutrients. Low diversity amongst these bacteria increases susceptibility to dis-ease and upsets.
  • Science research shows humans are about 90% bacteria – this means “Most of what we think we are – is not what we are!”
  • On top of this, the ‘second brain’ relays just as much information about the state of your health, mood and well-being as your brain.
  • The gut lining is where roughly 80% of your serotonin is made, responsible for your sense of wellbeing, contentment, and satiation – low levels can cause anxiety and fear!
  • Gut bacteria are your friends! And optimal digestion is central to health and wellness.

Your lifestyle journey includes Relationships, Spiritual Practices, Career, Environmental influences (from inside and out), Finances and more, which all impact your health in some way or another.  Remember that you are unique as your DNA and your microbiome (the environment in your digestive tract) is really another fingerprint!  The microbiome is a sensitive ecosystem vulnerable to the foods we eat, the meds we take and the air that we breathe and it also very easily reacts to your stress levels.  Annoying discomforts like gas, bloating, indigestion and diarrhoea – if ignored – can become chronic and lead to a multitude of Illnesses.

This is your personal lifestyle which is recognised by a Health Coach who will support you in making sustainable lifestyle choices.  The journey starts with repairing your gut and rebuilding a diverse gut portfolio!

Make peace with the journey – there is no quick fix, only your commitment to feeling amazing!

Love & Lemons