The Sugar Shakedown

provides you with the opportunity to experiment and learn how to enjoy foods with less sugar, and in so doing you will be laying down the best possible foundation for your future health.

10 Days – to see how your body and mind feel when you start reducing sugar in your life!

This is a very gentle process which introduces you to the concept of ‘crowding out’!

You will also learn about safe sweeteners and how to manage cravings as part of a normal process.

This is an opportunity to gain free insights into your own behaviour! 

From Monday 5 October to Wednesday 14 October – come and join me and others to feel a difference!


A guide covering various topics related to sugar and the body

A daily email with the ACTION for just that day

A daily check in online – either morning or evening AND emails AND/OR Whatsapps.  As per your needs.  The check in online is also for the benefit of the group.

Support further should you wish to repeat the 10-day programme


A one-on-one health consultation at no cost.

A body scan with the BodySonic Magnetic Resonance Analysis (10% discount).

The Bodysonic MRA is Magnetic Resonance Analysis which scans the energy fields of your body’s tissues, organs and cells via your theta brainwaves.  This is biofeedback which allows me as a Health Coach to take into account any food allergies or intolerances, parasites, viruses or bacteria that may be harmful and may hinder healing and weight-loss.  The BodySonic can then supply the frequency to weaken/destroy the stressors and pathogens together with the Wave5Pro (where electrodes are held)

I hope it makes a beautiful difference in your health and life!

Love & Lemons!

Feel Optimal Health Today!

through self-care and gradual changes.

These changes collectively create a much larger impact than what is originally anticipated.

As a Health Coach I will guide you to bring about balance within the circumstances of your unique situation!