My Story

In my 30’s, a few health professionals helped me realise the extent of damage I had done through my neglect, the sudden death of my mother, the pressures of the corporate world, increased hearing loss, nicotine and alcohol, all on top of raising a young family.  I overcame intestinal candidiasis and all its many symptoms including consistent and overwhelming sugar cravings and food sensitivities. I sought a healing environment and was blessed to work around horses for the 3 years thereafter.  Then I went back into the corporate environment but with a totally different attitude.  These experiences made me super aware of how stress, if not managed correctly, can cause serious imbalance!

Nutri laVie was born in 2017 to provide power tools to regain balance in life!

Our Values

My purpose is to get you to be the healthiest you can be. Through our journey together You will discover what nourishes you, to find your zest for living! I believe in integrity, trust, openness and optimal nourishment.

Feel Optimal Health Today!

through self-care and gradual changes.

These changes collectively create a much larger impact than what is originally anticipated.

As a Health Coach I will guide you to bring about balance within the circumstances of your unique situation!