Einstein said:
“Everything in life is a vibration.”

There are many things between heaven and earth that cannot be explained by University or Physical science, although they do not exist, no doubt!

Bio-Resonance Feedback Therapy (META-Therapy) is a frontier technology based on quantum physics. Bio-Resonance comes from the word resonate or to be in tune, in synchronization, in balance. Stress causes a block in the flow of energy, which in turn causes disease and illness.

META-Therapy helps to remove these blocks, allowing the body to heal itself.

META-Therapy is non-invasive, painless and strengthens the immune system. It’s even safe for pregnant women and children.

The BodySonic MRA Scanner scans one’s body and identifies low energy levels of organs which is an indication of abnormalities of the norm. The low energy levels may reveal symptoms, psychological problems, micro-organisms, allergies, parasites and pollutants in the body and can assist with suggesting medication remedies that are safe and compatible to your health profile. This whole scanning process is unobtrusive to the body. Special headphones are placed over the ears and the scanning process takes about 20 minutes. There is no discomfort.

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through self-care and gradual changes.

These changes collectively create a much larger impact than what is originally anticipated.

As a Health Coach I will guide you to bring about balance within the circumstances of your unique situation!