Feel Optimal Health Today!

through self-care and gradual changes.

These changes collectively create a much larger impact than what is originally anticipated.

As a Health Coach I will guide you to bring about balance within the circumstances of your unique situation!

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The SUGAR SHAKEDOWN 6 – 10 July 2020

A few simple changes can make all the difference!

“Jenny was responsible for the design and implementation of an all-inclusive holistic wellness programme at T-Systems.  Jenny is a person that does not only care about the well being of the organisation as a whole, but she really cares about the well being of the various individuals that make up the organisation.  She implemented the programme in a caring and authentic manner,  that created space and opportunity for all employees to look at their lives holistically.”

A du Plessis, Past Vice-President Strategy & Transformation

“Jen offers a generous dose of sound knowledge, understanding, empathy, options, and a thorough but light-hearted approach to her clients, making non-judgemental, sensible recommendations that will uplift, inspire and heal you. She is a treasure. Highly recommended, worth every cent and minute you spend with her”


I continually get advice and have health chats with Jen – she is brilliant! She listens and is a real thought leader on the topic. Guided by her suggestions, I feel top of the world – both mentally and physically! Give Jen a call – you will not be disappointed


My body doesn’t ache like it used to.  The inflammation has gone down considerably and I have started to lose weight.  I no longer need PPI’s and seldom have heartburn! My sugar cravings have reduced and my mood is more stable, with my anxiety under control.  Jen guided me and gave me a toolkit to make more informed choices for myself.  I think Jen is amazing!  She is super knowledgeable and very passionate about holistic health and helping people heal themselves.  If you are serious about taking control of your holistic wellbeing, put your money where your mouth is, engage with Jen and take the steps (even if they seem small) to improve every day.  Jen’s knowledge combined with the analysis of the BodySonic MRA is the perfect combination to gear you for success!